Healthy diet? Check. Regular workouts? Check. Skincare regimen? Check. Unsightly fat still there? Check. About to lose hope? Check. Wait a moment because help is at hand! Many of us struggle with problem areas such as the dreaded bingo wings, love handles that are unloveable, lower back fat, flabby arms, wobbly bellies and butts. Those pesky fat cells and cellulite are constantly lurking, waiting to spoil our best efforts at the gym but now we have the technology to allow you to make a long-lasting change: °CRYO Slim. Fat cells are naturally destroyed when the body temperature is low enough and °CRYO Slim works by using sub-zero temperatures to wipe out unsightly body fat. We take advantage of this science to provide toning, cellulite and facial treatments with incredible results.

All-natural °CRYO Slim is a completely safe fat-busting method using science that works with your body’s innate rhythms. This is why we recommend   your °CRYO Slim sessions be at fortnightly intervals, to ensure your body’s lymphatic system has time to recover in between sessions leaving you looking and feeling sensational.

No gimmicks, no invasive procedures, no early morning boot camp and definitely no surgery, just a relaxing visit to your nearest °CRYO clinic to freeze away that fat, conquer the cellulite and smooth out your skin.





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