Established in 2015, ‘The Spirit of Dubai’ was borne of the vision of Nabeel Perfumes’ Chairman, Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar). Embarking on the adventure within a space he describes as “concept-driven and artistic”, Asghar combined Nabeel Perfumes’ legacy of expert craftsmanship and his love for Dubai – the city he has called ‘home’ for over three decades – to arrive at his brand of passion, “The Spirit of Dubai”. Reflecting on the evolving story of the Emirate, the niche luxury fragrance house – which he developed with son Mustafa who helms as President for the brand – employs traditional perfume making techniques fine-tuned and perfected for over a century, to create two generations of ‘one of a kind’ exceptional scents, inspired by the key elements of the great Emirate.


The ‘First Generation’ niche collection launched in 2015 and embodies the very essence of Dubai – the sea, sand dunes, Arabian horses on the playground, Oud and Arabian hospitality, the opulent luxury and promising skyline of the city of hope, Dubai. Each of the eight ‘First Generation’ fragrances chronicle a particular element in the city, created with the intention to capture and ignite the wearer’s imagination.

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