Adventure, romance and the eternal moon inspire Fabergé’s new collection…

Fabergé’s crescent moon set honours a symbol of love and pays tribute to the faithful heart of a mysterious secret agent. Fabergé is delighted to present the latest chapter in a true story of romance, intrigue, adventure and beauty – the Crescent Collection, which includes an 18k yellow gold pendant, ring and earrings.

Fabergé was inspired by his devotion and by the enigmatic symbols that decorate the cases, including crescent moons and a golden map of the Nile with coloured gems marking cities along its course. The Crescent Collection is notable for its delicate patterns and superb workmanship, with elegantly detailed, fluted 18k yellow gold crescent moons, picked out by a line of diamond pave with a sparkling emerald star nestling in the new moon’s curving arms.

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