The Bang Bang collection by Akillis breaks the traditional codes of the jewellery world. Its name alone invites you to a love game. Irreverent and light-heartedly impudent.


As a fresh statement, this collection stands out straight away with its insolence and is spot on for all sorts of audacious and rock-loving customers. A free-spirited, rebellious and playful style, smashing through clichés. The pieces in the collection are cast in gold or titanium, and set with white and black diamonds. Much tougher than gold, titanium is a sharp and unrivalled choice for this kind of setting.


This bold jewellery is meant for a modern unisex style. It hits its target at lightning speed in a torrent of magnetic golds. The blend of precious black and white diamonds creates an aesthetic shock.


The smooth bullets, so symbolic of the Bang Bang collection, are inserted like precious munitions, ready to unleash their charismatic power. The impact is immediate: this collection is striking. It’s radical and cuts through classic standards.


A collection of desire, a seductive asset of charm for a rebel soul.


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