YSL Beauté introduces new ways to be radical.

Take it to the max with black.

2020 ’s look for eyes takes new technology to the limits, and dresses it up in packaging that reflects the sleek lines of the iconic tuxedo.



Blacker than black.

For diehard mascara wearers who need that little bit extra.

Be as radical as you dare.


Black on black.

Inky and ultra-dark.

Introducing Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical for the YSL woman who does everything to excess.

With a black carbon infused formula, it delivers a blacker than-before coverage.

The intense pigment is blended with walnut extract from the YSL Beauty Ourika gardens and argan oil for a caring formula.


The new brush can not only stock more formula inside each fiber, releasing it evenly as it is applied on the lashes,

but the fibers themselves are a combination of flexible and hard, which creates the perfect volume effect.

As each fiber releases the formula onto the lash, the imprint it leaves is clean, full, and with no compromises.


A new formula, a new brush

the outer casing for Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical also gets a new look.


Enter an intense black at the top of the tube, sleek in its modernity, and radically black.

As show-stopping as the classic tuxedo, it’s the ultimate dressed-up look for eyes.


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