Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Tomas Maier has been honored for his relevant contribution to the protection of Japanese Modern Architecture with the 2016 Watch Award at the annual Hadrian Gala in New York hosted by World Monuments Fund.

In 2014, Tomas Maier, a lifelong art and architecture enthusiast, learned about the destruction of the Hotel Okura in Tokyo, one of the finest surviving examples of Japan’s Modern Architecture. While the local traditional architecture is widely regarded as a national treasure, much of the country’s significant post-war buildings were at risk of being demolished or changed beyond recognition due to economic reasons or in preparation of the 2020 Olympics. Through various initiatives involving leading architects, designers and artists, including a symposium and dedicated activities on social media, Tomas Maier and Bottega Veneta promoted awareness of the issue.

Since its foundation in 1966 in the Veneto region of Italy, Bottega Veneta has always been committed to arts and culture and, through various international projects and partnerships through the course of the years, and has supported protection of local heritage as a crucial background for the growth and development of the new generations.


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