Hedgehog, fox, falcon, parrot, turtle, tit or swallow … the extraordinary story of the Boucheron bestiary begins in its workshops in 1866. The place where nature is an inspiration. It is here that the collection of pieces between High Jewelry and works of art was created. A procession of fabulous animals that has come to life in the hands of the jewelers over time. These expert craftsmen chisel, polish and pave with such precision that each carved animal appears truer than nature! From the elephant to the hummingbird. From the sturdy to the impossibly light. Whether clinging to the ear, coiled around the wrist or neck, or perched on a finger, each creature seems captured in motion, in the beating of a wing or a heart. They seem to be captured in the material itself. Intense gazes of sapphire, emerald or ruby, coats sculpted in gold or studded with diamonds, insanely valuable plumage … each piece tells its story, real or imagined, to those who want to hear.

Because when you choose an animal you become attached to it. It becomes much more than a piece of jewelry. You find your exclusive, protective totem, your own lucky charm and mascot. Whether the animal represents strength or sensuousness, meekness or power, each woman can adopt the animal friend that will liberate her temperament and affirm her style.

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