Developed by Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color
Designer, each of the 27 ROUGE COCO FLASH shades incites intense,
immediate and irresistible desire! Packed with pigments, this new lipstick
expresses luminous color from the very first stroke.

ROUGE COCO FLASH invites you to follow your instinct. In one intuitive
step, it unfurls like a ribbon of color with its surprisingly smooth and
comfortable formula. With its perfectly dosed balance of plant butter and
oils, it melts onto lips as soon as it is applied, providing surprising comfort.
A perfect combination for shimmering shine.
Infused within the lipstick, the Hydraboost complex, composed of nourishing
oils (jojoba, mimosa, sunflower), ensures hydration immediately and for up
to 8 hours after application*. Lips are dressed in a lightweight, silky and
enveloping coat of color.


A collection of intense and easy-to-wear colors, a shiny mirror-effect finish,
an intuitive stick… ROUGE COCO FLASH is more than a lipstick. It’s an object
of desire. An ode to spontaneity and freedom. An invitation to play with
27 shades and 27 whims. Nudes, oranges, rosewoods, pinks, fuchsias,
plums, near blacks and reds in subtle, daring and bold versions in an
irresistible palette!
To make playing with color even more fun, CHANEL dreamed up three
translucent top coats to layer on top of all the lipsticks. One has golden
shimmer, which enhances shine. Another heats things up with its orange
tones. The last one, with black hues, adds depth to any lipstick. Three
accessories to try with the two new ROUGE COCO shades of the season:
Ami, an exhilarating coral, and Lover, a deep, captivating red.


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