Makeup artist to the stars, Charlotte Tilbury, has announced the launch of her exclusive NEW six-shade eye palette- The Charlotte Darling.

Inspired by her own signature smokey eye, this is a colour-curated archive of Charlotte’s favourite glowing, ibiza-inspired shades to create molten bronzed eyes to mesmerise in a meeting, seduce on a date or dance the night away! For years, Charlotte has been inundated with messages from her fans asking her for the secret behind her favourite, sunset-inspired look and so she decided to re-create her own secret, magic palette and share it with the world.  

Having grown up in Ibiza, Charlotte has always been obsessed with the magical, morphing effects of sunsets on the island. Transforming from hazy orange to terracotta tones, to mesmerising pink – Ibizan sunsets are famous for their transfixing beauty. The island is abundant with earthy tones – from famous pink-strewn skies, to rich, rust-hued clay and shimmering sandy beaches.  

“Darlings, this is my signature instant eye palette look, inspired by the magical colours of my home in Ibiza. It has been proven that watching a beautiful sunset gives you a JOY-induced sense of gratitude for natural beauty…You feel instantly mesmerised and energised! Ibizan sunset spots have become ICONIC for their ability to transform the island! The gorgeous, painterly effect of the sky LIGHTS UP YOUR EYES! It makes every eye colour, whether you have blue eyes or green eyes or brown eyes… POP! Everyone looks more beautiful and more magical! With my NEW! palette, I wanted to bottle the beauty DNA of sunsets, with all of the nuanced shades of the sun-lit sky.”

Charlotte Tilbury


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