Makeup Artist to the Stars, Charlotte Tilbury, believes that applying makeup is a ritual of self-empowerment: when you’re wearing it you feel more confident, and the world reacts to your aura in a more positive way! As part of her latest ‘The Icons’ collection, Charlotte wants to create LIPS TO LEAD ASTRAY, so that everyone can charge up their STAR power and become an ICON when they wear it!

Inspired by ICONIC men and women of the past and present, these lip glosses allow you to wear the worlds of legends like the mesmeric Kate Moss…YOU can become an ICON when you wear these shades.

Introducing Latex Love, Charlotte’s new lacquered and intensely pigmented liquid lipsticks are the ultimate lips to lead astray! With a lip-hugging effect to enhance your lips and coat them with a brilliant, mirror shine, you will hypnotize from across the room!

 Six seductive and alluring lip glosses to dress your lips in latex love

  • Dirty Dancer: Currant red
  • Cannes Tropez: Charged coral
  • Berry Nude: Rose-Pink blush
  • Belle du Soir: Soft peach-pink
  • Studio 64: Electric Red
  • Video Vixen: Deep red

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