Imagine if you could take all of the positive elements of how you look and feel with a social medial filter and turn it right in to reality.. Well now you can, because Charlotte Tilbury has blended the uniquely transformative power of technology with her archive of makeup artistry techniques to create a revolutionary range of everyday Beauty Filters.

 Charlotte’s brand-new collection, Beauty Filters, begins with the launch of Bigger Brighter Eyes and Legendary Lashes Volume II to give women the brightest eyes! Inspired by technology and brought to life using the best formulas, colours and the best artistry techniques, these real-life beauty filters put the sparkle back in the eyes.

The Bigger Brighter Eyes palette morphs your eyes into their biggest, brightest, most sparkling eyes ever. The palette is colour-curated and coded to make your eyes look instantly bigger and brighter, as well as putting what Charlotte famously calls the ‘lights-into-the-eyes.’ Charlotte’s best-selling Legendary Lashes mascara has had an incredible lash formation for the most luscious, lengthened Hollywood flutter you never knew you had! Charlotte has re-formulated a world-class Hollywood lash effect mascara that is long-wear, smudge-proof and humidity resistant so the Hollywood flutter can last all day!


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