An apparition so luminous, so fascinating and charismatic that her presence feels like radiant sunshine – her absence, an eclipse. She is the woman with the dazzling aura, celebrated by Dahlia Divin since its creation.

More precious, more legendary than ever… Givenchy’s timeless fragrance now comes as a Nectar de Parfum of consummate luxury.

Gold, the lustrous hallmark of Dahlia Divin, stamps its unmistakably Haute Couture seal on this new incarnation. Scintillating golden fragments adorn the bottle. Gold-tinged fragrance glints through the glass. A sweep of sensual gold envelops the Dahlia Divin woman as she reaches the zenith of her femininity.


The aura, in a precious concentrate… Fragrance composer François Demachy created Le Nectar de Parfum to epitomise the spirit of Dahlia Divin in an ode to beauty. An elixir of dazzling radiance.

Mimosa is the golden flower par excellence, bringing its unique signature to this new fragrance. Flourishing under the heat of the sun, it can bloom in the very heart of the desert. Endless golden dunes, a sensation of gentle warmth on the skin, the whisper of a lightly scented breeze… Mimosa imbues Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum with all these impressions and exquisite pleasures. The cornerstone of the fragrance, it beams majestically, as if worshipping at the altar of the most radiant femininity.

The underlying note of sambac jasmine present in Dahlia Divin since the earliest Eau de Parfum is interwoven here with an incredibly sensuous rose, enhancing its powdery flight with subtle elegance. This resplendent floral accord is brought out by almost creamy notes of vetiver and a sacred essence, sandalwood, enriched by a hint of tonka bean and vanilla musk with lavish accents, the promise of an ever more spellbinding fragrance trail.

With smooth silkiness and the delicacy of satin, Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum unfolds into an enveloping caress of rare sensuality. The rich, sparkling notes that linger in its wake irresistibly conjure up an image of precious gold leaf.

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