Legend has it that dreams cross the canvas: good dreams are directed towards the feather and get through, while the bad ones are imprisoned in the stone at the center of the dream catcher. The dream catcher is a powerful totem that banishes bad dreams. To give concrete form to this sensation of lightness, once again the Messika workshop has decided to integrate an element other than stone or metal. With a perfect continuity of stones, the detachable feather adjusts to the hollow of the neck. A feeling of weightless plumage reinforced by feather setting, the signature cut of the Maison. Play of light and reflections between the two materials, play of textures: opposites have never been so close together.

The collection includes a beautiful barrette, earrings, rings, a long necklace, two choker necklaces and arm bands to honor the tribal inspiration of the collection as well as a stunning delicate tiara.

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