International conservation charity Space for Giants, in partnership with Gemfields, announced Walk for Giants, a fundraising and awareness-building campaign for African wildlife conservation.

With her roots in Burma, Fehmida Lakhany has always had a strong sentimental attachment to her mother’s birthplace, Rangoon. The designer’s ruby and diamond encrusted Butterfly Earrings harness the symbolic power of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the ethereal butterfly. The butterfly wings are embellished with a patchwork of the finest rubies and diamonds in a zebra-style pattern that evokes the spirit of an African safari. There are larger ‘eye of the tiger’ rubies interspersed, and the earrings are set in 18k rose gold.

The rubies used for the earrings all come from Gemfields’ Montepuez mine in Mozambique. Gemfields is a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, committed to supporting the communities around its African mines. Fehmida Lakhany is committed to ensuring that the same conversation that has happened around ethical fashion applies to ethical jewellery as well. Transparency, in terms of the origins of all materials she uses, is crucial to her brand ethos.

“The conservation of our planet and wildlife is not only a business priority, but also a personal one. There is nothing better than being able to combine my passion and simultaneously making an impact on the world,” Fehmida Lakhany.

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