The presence of fragrance has always played an important role in Ramadan, and Ghawali. participates by designing a line that focuses on the traditions of scent during Ramadan. The symbolism of Ramadan was at the forefront of the creation process, Ghaliat Al Eid Spice Oud is the perfect juxtaposition of luxury, tradition, self-care and gifting.

Emphasizing sharing cherished moments with those most important to you, Ghawali celebrates those connections through the art of fragrancing. Ghaliat Al Eid Spice Oud beckons to the traditions of incense and takes one on an aromatic journey into the past.

Ghawali is also partnering with influencers to celebrate their own fragrance traditions. The modern interpretation validifies values of self-reflection, patience, tranquility and togetherness, while highlighting their unique outlooks on fragrance.

Ali Mostafa, Hatem Al Akeel, Arwa Al Banawi and Sara Al Madani were chosen as the ambassadors to inspire, elevate and pioneer modern interpretations of tradition by exploring their perspectives.

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