In 2019, Givenchy unveils Myrrhe Carmin, the latest creation in L’Atelier de Givenchy’s exclusive fragrance collection. This brand new perfume featuring a unique, addictive signature enhances the House’s olfactory wardrobe. Like the collection’s other fragrances, its precious raw materials echo the noble fabrics and distinguished look of Couture creations. Myrrhe Carmin reveals a captivating trail built around one of perfumery’s most iconic ingredients: myrrh. Known since time immemorial and originating from East Africa, the cradle of humanity, this rich and complex ingredient is at once fascinating and intriguing. Myrrh, a red-coloured resin speckled with gold reflections, is a material rich in contrasts. Its multiple facets, rarely interpreted in perfumery, characterise the strong and memorable personality of L’Atelier de Givenchy’s new spicy oriental composition. The top notes with their spicy accents – a blend of cold spices, bergamot and ginger – evoke the fresh and terpenic aromas released when myrrh tree resin is harvested. The perfume’s warm, vibrant heart, where Bulgarian rose mingles with myrrh essence, conjures up the golden, balmy texture of still-warm resin. Voluptuous bottom notes, enhanced by vanilla absolute, Copahu balm and balsam of Peru, recreate the exhilarating power of myrrh essence fumigation rituals. The fragrance’s colour codes exalt the natural shade of its star ingredient: red. This colour, also found in the Givenchy House’s flagship collections, adorns the thread enlaced around the bottle’s neck and the label that reveals the name: Myrrhe Carmin. This flamboyant hue contrasts with the bottle’s deep lacquered black, used here for the first time in the L’Atelier de Givenchy collection.

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