Maintaining its commitment to the culture of filmmaking and the preservation of cinematic heritage, La Grande Maison is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its partnership with the Venice International Film Festival this year (August 28th to September 7th 2019).  

The Perfect Candidate, a movie directed by Haifaa Al Mansour, has been nominated at the 76th International Venice Film Festival. Haifaa Al Mansour, the first filmmaker in Saudi Arabia, is known for notable films such as Wadjda (2012), Mary Shelley (2017), Une Femme de Tête (2018), The Society (2019) and The Perfect Candidate (2019).  

Idolized for her incessant devotion to instore tolerance and peace, she elegantly wears The Master UltraThin Moon, a masterpiece symbolizing the sense of harmony prized by the Grande Maison. Simplicity gives rise to allure by displaying the moon phases and the date at the heart of its sunray-brushed dial.  

Mila Al Zahrani who is playing a major role in The Perfect Candidate elegantly carries the 101 Feuille, entwining refined luxury and feminity. 


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