The international skincare brand, boasting one of the most professional titles in the skincare world, is now making its grand debut to Wojooh Beauty Store in Mall of the Emirates in the UAE! Dermalogica, which is a health motivated skincare brand, is passionate about addressing your specific skincare needs, while emphasizing quality and almost pharmaceutical care as a necessary part of beauty.

Dermalogica tackles skincare through their three core values: Education, Personalization and Human Touch. The robust line of products explores and treats a full spectrum of needs leaving you with the youthful, perfected radiance we are all striving to achieve. Transform makeup application into a solely beautifying process as opposed to a dedication to camouflage and cover.

PreCleanse Balm

Dermalogica knows that the day leaves evidence on your beautiful canvas,and removing all that buildup is an overlooked necessity. Now you can cut through all of that unwanted residue with STEP ZERO .! Precleanse balm is “step zero” in Dermalogica’s exclusive Double Cleanse technique, the Dermalogica skin therapists go-to method for achieving ultra-clean, healthy skin. Starting off with step zero, the water-activated formula transforms the balm into an oil that magically vanishes any product, cleanses your skin and hydrates for a nourished glow in just one go! Follow with step one of your favorite Dermalogica cleanser to achieve soft, nourished and clean healthy skin!


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