With Absolue, Lancôme helps rewritepremium skincare

“Absolue, through its broad range of skincare and its exceptional longevity, is probably the line that best embodies our expertise as French formulators.

By completely reinventing Absolue, we took on a dual challenge: continuing to shape Absolue as a devoutly modern range that resonates with its times, without sacrificing any of the heritage.”


The rebirth of Absolue

Lancôme reinvents its most luxurious range, Absolue. Through its exceptional active ingredient, transformative texture,and deep understanding of women, the line offers a new definition of French-style premium skincare.


A powerful rose, unique among the thousands

Lancôme was one of the first Houses to design its own rose: the Lancôme Rose.  The result of thousands of hybridisations, it was selected from among so many others for its beauty as well as its resilient nature.

This flower, transformed through biotechnological processes into an active ingredient exclusive to Lancôme, is revealed to have  unique regenerative powers on the skin that can now be found in the heart of Absolue Soft Cream.


The Absolue Renovation and Soft Cream are now available across the GCC.

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