Pollution is a leading cause of skin afflictions, ahead of emotional stress, and closely followed by UV rays. These exterior factors interfere with the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, which can lead to irritation, pigmentation disorders and premature skin degradation. It has thus become essential to women to find a way to protect their skin, and enhance their beauty day after day.


A true skincare pioneer, Lancôme has always been listening to the modern woman’s needs and desires. Therefore, it was the first brand to develop a skincare line specifically formulated to protect the skin from UVB, UVA, and pollution, without compromise on the textures.


Dressed in a new white packaging with pink gold accents, the formula is enriched with Edelweiss flower extract known for its incredible effects against pollution and oxidation. And because all skin types deserve protection, the perfumes contained in the formula are now hypoallergenic to suit sensitive skin needs.


More than a reference and an icon, the UV Expert range is a skincare routine must-have to help skin thrive in contaminated environments.


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