Le Royal Monceau and Maison Ruinart have launched Matsuhisa Niwa, a Japanese garden hidden in the heart of the most Parisian palace. This ephemeral table accommodates up to 8 guests for an exceptional experience, which is only available through reservation.

Le Royal Monceau continues to showcase its bold sensibility, offering epicureans a unique and immersive dining experience every Thursday and Friday throughout the summer season. Inspired by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s visit earlier this year, Matsuhisa Niwa highlights contemporary Japanese cuisine and transports patrons to Japan.

Featuring by a 7-course tasting menu, guests can admire the art of a sushi master with a front row seat to the action. During the intimate dinner prepared by Executive Chef Hideki Endo, the dishes crafted with his spiritual father, Nobu Matsuhisa, reveal all their Peruvian and Japanese flavors and are complemented by Maison Ruinart’s champagnes.

Matsuhisa Niwa provides individuals with a great opportunity to experience a destination, while please the senses in a Zen, private setting.

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