October has arrived once again, marking the Breast Cancer Awareness month worldwide. The significance of this disease lies in its commonness, as one in every eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. For this reason, Longchamp has teamed up with Salama Mohammad, a humanitarian and social media influencer based in Dubai, to spread awareness on the cause.

Since breast cancer is one of the most common diseases that affects women and their loved ones all around the world, Salama has promised to utilize her growing platform to encourage women in the Middle East to take advantage the resources provided by organizations during the Pink month. Salama also states that there is no excuse for women and men to not get tested and pushes everyone to take precautionary initiatives. Commenting on the importance of regular checkups, Salama said: “With the support of the UAE government, organizations like Islamic Affairs, Emirates Red Crescent and Pink Caravan leave no excuses for women and men to forgo taking the necessary precautionary measures or miss their annual screenings.”

Being a well-known local influencer in the region, Salama strives to inspire women to choose hope, as once you choose hope, anything is possible. She further pushes the message that no one is alone in this sickness, and this region’s community stands together against breast cancer.

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