Inspired by the collection of clothing and accessories by Maison Margiela, the ‘Replica’ fragrances instantly evokes images, impressions and emotions that echo the collective unconscious as well as our own personal history.

Maison Margiela continues to invent these olfactive, collective memories with a new fragrance: ‘Under The Lemon Trees’ whose familiar scents take us on an instantaneous voyage through space and time.

‘Under The Lemon Trees’ is a sharp scent composed as an imaginary lemon tree.

The head notes combine the freshest and most invigorating scents of citrus. Next come the scents of coriander, Mate absolute and tea leaves sketching the green  foliage of the tree.

A woody trail, with hints of cedar and white musks, complete the evocation of this Mediterranean symbol including its sinuous bark.  To create ‘Under The Lemon Trees’, Violaine Collas drew inspiration from a personal memory. That of a stroll through a citrus field on a warm summer day.

She wanted to recreate these impressions, emotions and scents. ‘Under The Lemon Tree’ is “fresh, sparkling and fizzy”, she explains.




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