By keeping the Maison’s DNA, Valérie Messika re-imagines wedding jewelry as distinctly fashionable. The Maison brings its renowned innovative design to its take on wedding jewelry.  

Faithful to her values, Valérie creates pieces burning of desire, where the gold setting is scarce in order to better highlight the precious stone. She conceives jewelry for all couples, that she gathers in two collections : Emotion and My Twin. Emotion pays tribute to the romantic woman — the ones who the purity of a solitaire represents the perfect union with a loved one. Valérie reinterpreted this classic with a proper twist of the Maison. My Twin offers a new way to seal the love by playing with different diamond shapes: the pear, the emerald and the oval.  Valérie Messika’s My Twin collection is also a way to reveal emotion.

Rich in meaning, the name of the collection evokes both the duality and complementarity of a couple. Directly facing the strong and powerful emerald cut stone, stands the pear, sweet and delicate. A perfect harmony of two sizes of stones that are opposite each other. Under a starry sky, during a night in the desert, near a lake after a walk in the streets of Paris… so many magical marriage proposals are made possible with the brillant jewelry case imagined by Valérie Messika. Dressed in white and rose gold, it has an invisible light which, once opened, lights up the jewel which it encloses into a thousand sparkles. It brings an additional wonder to these exceptional moments, making them even more unforgettable. From the ring to the necklace, through the earrings and bracelets, the bright jewelry case radiates all the jewels of the bridal collection. The diamond, in all its purity has never been so beautiful and dazzling than under spotlight of its precious jewelry case.



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