During Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, Valerie Messika presented her High Jewelry collection, Journées de Haute Joallerie, featuring an array of extraordinary and exclusive pieces. These unique creations, made in the Messika Atelier, were showcased beautifully in the stunning Paris showroom, reflecting the house’s savoir-faire and expertise.


Valérie Messika chose Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week to unveil the second part of her ‘Born to Be Wild’ High Jewelry collection.

A wind is continuing to blow straight in from the West on this road trip across a mineral-laden, wild, and vastly desert. These collections include Fire Diamonds, Cushion Lasso, Saguaro, and Desert Bloom Mask.

“Born to Be Wild embodies this pioneering lady, a conqueror with a sensual and libertarian attitude. Are you ready to mount your steed for this road trip ? Emotion and escapism guaranteed”. 

- Valérie Messika Founder and Creative Director


Alongside the Born To Be Wild collection, Messika unveiled this year’s stunning Private Collection. Colored diamonds, extravagant designs and new types of wear, the theme of the private collection perfectly matches its name – free-flowing jewelry without constraints or conformity.

The collections include Toi & Moi, Pink Temptation, Pink Desert Bloom, M Rainbow, and Diamond Spears.


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