This March, MKS Jewellery continues to celebrate its love for self-expression and the value of sharing sentiment with the launch of the ‘Keepsakes’ collection. The all-new capsule is comprised of precious 18 karat gold charms and charm bases, including dainty necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.


Drawing inspiration from the sentiment and meaning inherited through the tales recounted and photographs preserved by generations before ours, each charm in the collection is a symbolic piece of our valuable heritage. Be it a reminder of a person, a moment, a story or the most important things in life, the charms are a collection of memories that celebrate the valuable keepsakes we have collected throughout our time.


MKS Jewellery makes it their mission to give back, which is why they have yet again partnered with Ataya, a charity exhibition organized by Emirates Red Crescent, and are allocating donations to improve the health of millions of children with congenital disorders. The ‘Keepsakes’ collection will be making its official debut at the event which takes place from March 1st to 5th, 2020 in Abu Dhabi.


Also premiering at Ataya are charity charm bracelets, symbolic 18 karat gold charms, that have been individually knotted into silk bracelets by the women and children at the UAE-Jordan run Mrajeeb Al Fhood Refugee Camp. Refugees will choose a charm and go into a story telling workshop with Afra Atiq, an award-winning spoken word artist, where they will be writing a story that they relate the charm to. “Everyone has a voice, one that is powerful and has the capacity to resonate. I hope that through these workshops we can harness that power through poetry and story telling, and give wings to words through self expression and art” – Afra Atiq.

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