The brand unveils a unique interpretation of a musk fragrance, as part of their daring ethos to challenge the norms of perfumery. 

The gentle caress of their unusual lead ingredient milk entwines with tender musk to create the soothing embrace of skin-on-skin softness.

Milk is a niche ingredient evoking poignant memories; as one of the earliest scents discovered as a child, it alludes to a universal nostalgia of intimacy.

Sensual musk lies at the heart of the fragrance as a natural soulmate for milk.


Powerful yet subtle, its earthy and animalistic qualities are perfect for balancing other ingredients, helping to create an enduring trail.

The Eau de Parfum is woven with a milk accord, accentuating the peaceful heart of ambroxan and modernizing the scent’s oriental trail.


Molton Brown fosters your destination for Nice perfumes as it presents exclusively in the Middle East the new Molton Brown Milk Musk that is available in all Molton Brown stores across the GCC.


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