After launching in New York and Paris Fashion Weeks Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry release their ‘Baby Malak Flourish’ 2020 Collection at their Atelier and Showroom in D Beirut.

2020 brings a new chapter for Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry with an evolved identity and new designs that complement her existing signature styles and launched initially at the international market and more recently in Beirut, Lebanon.

Nada Ghazal, Founder and Creative Director of Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry, draws from her experiences to guide her creative vision. A design language which is raw and imperfect, yet beautiful in shape and form is mirrored in her latest jewelry campaign – representing real, natural women with their charming imperfections.

“I created ‘Baby Malak Flourish’ at a time of turmoil. With Lebanon going through so many challenges I felt the need to draw inner strength to rise up in defiance of the challenges we faced daily, the need not only to persevere but to flourish despite it all. Each piece I created in this collection is a translation of that sentiment.” Says Nada.


The ‘Baby Malak Flourish’ collection is handcrafted as families of jewels with diverse shapes and sizes, each piece appearing to rise up from the ground as if to flourish. The collection includes rings, earrings, bangles and chokers and carries Nada’s organic signature of scattered, precious stones that bubble over 18K gold.

Nada Ghazal uses her jewelry as a platform to express larger conversations whether that be human imperfections, political injustice, female empowerment or the rollercoaster of emotions that motherhood brings. Embedded in each design is a universal narrative.

The Collection can be viewed in Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry Atelier and Showroom in D Beirut.

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