An explosion of creative energy; this is the lifeblood running through the Moncler Genius project, a new multi-faceted chapter for the brand combining a variety of contributions which coexist alongside one another, creating a mosaic of differences and extraordinary individuality. These varied voices and approaches, some of which differ vastly from each other, are combined with highly distinctive languages, all brought together in a single design process conceived by Moncler.


For Moncler Genius change is necessary, an ongoing renewal which prompts us to look far ahead, beyond every aesthetic and ideological frontier.


Moncler continues to explore the infinite possibilities of its uniqueness, adopting a special mix with autonomous, distinctive meanings. It is as if the present can be read in its contrasting lines whilst projecting itself into a future which begins now. Moncler Genius is a launch platform built on an unrivalled capacity for innovation and technological research, driven by unshakable faith in creativity.


“We have chosen designers that differ greatly from each other as we have always spoken to different generations”, says Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler, who originally conceived this ground-breaking turning point for Moncler. “We constantly need to offer new experiences and new ideas. Moncler Genius is divided into several collections over the year. We have overhauled everything, by overcoming the very concept of seasons. Our approach is monthly, weekly, daily. An approach which considerably reduces the time that elapses between the collections’ presentation and when they actually arrive in the stores”.


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