NET-A-PORTER unveils the best in back to school beauty with an array of new beauty brands such as Shiseido, French Girls Organic, Aethic, Insititut Esthederm, CODE8, Act+Acre, Femmue, Irene Forte, La Paradis, La Montana, Shani Deardan and Majan.

 As your vacation comes to an end, and the new season starts, there is that ‘back to business’ feeling. So, it’s a good time to re-think your beauty routine, with the focus first being on helping right some of the ‘wrongs’ of the time spent at the beach or pool – sun, sea water and chlorine all conspire to leave skin and hair ultra-dry.

 Maximise your beauty sleep by using one of the new generation overnight masks or intensive treatments to transform a dull and dehydrated face, body and hair. Update your essential daily skincare and make-up with the best of enticing new products, including the prettiest velvety lipsticks and glow-giving skin finishes, and don’t forget your handbag heroes for an end-of-day touch-up.  Your new beauty season starts here…


- Newby Hands, Beauty Director, NET-A-PORTER


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