This season, Paule Ka is all about Russia: the Parisian house summons the greatest heroines of all time, from Anna Karenine to Natasha Rostov and Anna Pavlova, but also the Slavic heritage, the scenery of the Bolshoi or the multicolored tiles of Saint Basil’s, a masterpiece of Moscow architecture. Tones of jewels, gold and silver, toques, brandenburgs and immaculate fake fur build an opulent collection travelling to the furthest reaches of the Siberian steppes.
The great immemorial Russia reveals itself in its most captivating sides, yet far from a litteral Slavonic folklore: buttons are like jewels, trimmings are accentuated but they all serve urban cuts, sometimes asymmetrical. Tweeds look like multicolored mosaics. They are unstructured, mixed with denim or cut in a contemporary way, on modern and easy skirt suits.


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