While we might forget to look after ourselves at times, Clinique La Prairie, the world-renowned international wellness & medical clinic in Switzerland, strongly believes in encouraging self-care in pursuit of a longer, healthier and well-balanced life. In 2019, the clinic will be introducing a range of stem-cell programs to reverse the aging process and aid in the fight against age-related disease.

 Stem cell treatments aim to help replace degenerating cells by renewing natural collagen to decrease visible signs of aging, to keep your skin healthy and young. At Clinique La Prairie, the three different programs include the Advanced Medical Check-Up and Stem Cells Treatment program, Medical Check-Up and Stem Cells Treatment program, and a Stem cell treatment program.

 All programs are for 4-days and 3-nights beginning with a thorough medical checkup and consultation by Clinique La Prairie’s team of specialists. The Advanced medical program includes a complete medical check-up from cardio screening and consultation, genetic tests, as well as abdominal ultrasounds.

Throughout the process, stem cells are extracted from the body’s fat, purified and stored to then be injected back into the body on the last day of the treatment. These stem cells can also be stored for up to 30 years at a laboratory in Switzerland and used anytime during those years.

 For a holistic and well-rounded experience, these medical programs end with a relaxing massage, lymphatic drainage, and a dietetic workshop ‘Rejuvenation Skin Nutrition’. The Stem Cell treatment at Clinique La Prairie promises to naturally slow your skin from aging, stimulate new production of natural collagen, replace degenerated cells, tissue regeneration, improve oxygenation of skin, and promote natural cellular renewal. A great advantage of this program is that the treatment has no adverse effects because effectively the client is re-injected with their own cells.



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