Inspired by a rare fragrant resin, The Ritual of Oudh collection honours the spirit of hospitality and invites a sense of luxury well-being and refinement into your home. Its complex and pleasing fragrance is believed to bring deep tranquility and relaxation and can help you celebrate small moments of happiness in your everyday life.

Discover a premium collection of home, bath and body products. A celebration of woodsy, smoky and sensual perfume composed of oudh and carefully blended with patchouli to evoke an extraordinary experience.  

Start the day with the Foaming Shower Gel by simply squeezing a small amount into your hand, watching the gel transform into a rich and luxurious foam. Enhance the luxurious scent with a deeply moisturizing and rich Body Cream, further enriched with patchouli, wrapping you in its warm embrace and soothing your senses. Leaving the skin feeling silky soft. Carry the Oudh fragrance throughout the day with the elegant Hair & Body Mist with a distinctive Oriental character by spraying on your skin & hair. Enriched with the rich and sweet scent of oudh and patchouli, surround yourself with a cloud of rich and smoky aromas.


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