Lebanese novelist, Souad Sleibi, has signed her new novel “I will reproach you  at night”, published by UAE “Medad Publishing & Distribution L.L.C” at the custom corner in the exhibition. The signature ceremony has gained high popularity, and was attended by a number of Media professionals and intellectuals and a large gathering of writer‘s fans and followers on social media who arrived laden with flowers to meet their favorite writer, expressing their honest delight to see her closely, speaking to her and taken pictures with her, in addition to the acquisition of their own version of the book with her signature. The ceremony, which lasted for two hours, also marked with a youngest reader of a Sleibi, she is a12 years old girl, she said she is a follower of the writer on social media and listen to her cultural advices  and literary excerpts she adds there.  Souad Sleibi has recently announced the launch of her cultural campaign, with the slogan “reading is culture” in conjunction with the exhibition, where she headed with her campaign to tens of thousands of her followers on social media, arguing for the need to make reading a daily habit because it is the real feature of civilization of nations, asserting that the intellectual and conscious public is the real reward, which is nothing to compare for the creative writer.

The novel “I will reproach you at night” is the fourth novel issued by Sleibi after a series of her publications: The book “Half of the women” and my novel “struggle” and “A needle… thread … and a man,” the writer has raised the subject of the cover of the story as a competition via her account on “instagram” especially as she is one of the influential socially due to the large number of followers she has, to encourage creative and talented young people, and she received hundreds of posts from her readers which include designs for the cover of the novel,  Dr. Sleibi chose a painting full of feminine from talented Saudi plastic painter Sultana Ahmed, she considered it appropriate for the spirit of the text, and it is approved as a cover for the novel “I will reproach you at night”  which the writer participated in the Sharjah international book Fair via “Medad Publishing & Distribution L.L.C ” wing.




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