Good quality sleep can be one of the hardest things to achieve, with digital influences, hectic work and social lives and regular travel all contributing to confused and disrupted sleep patterns. Sleep is the cornerstone to good health and it’s through analysing sleep patterns, that Six Senses has created Sleep With Six Senses, which marks Six Senses Zighy Bay as the region’s premier destination for wellness.

When roughly one third of a person’s life should be dedicated to sleep, Sleep With Six Senses aims to uncover issues and redefine sleep, based on the program created by Six Senses specialists and acclaimed Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus and his team of experts. Upon check-in and choosing the program option after a series of sleep quiz is completed, guests are assigned a personal sleep ambassador who does a consultation session with them. Every guest’s room is then tailored to their needs for a quality sleep with the Sleep Bag and its amenities, Valley Forge moisture-wicking linens and a ResMed S+ Tracker/App, which the wellness practitioner uses to review the results and determine the best course of treatment during a 30-minute personal consultation. Included in the bunch of goodies in the bag to support a restful sleep are bamboo fibre panamas, SHOKAY eye mask, ear plugs, nose strips, nasal neti pot and jasmine sleep spritzer. There’s a choice of bathroom amenities from The Organic Pharmacy along with the Six Senses Little Book of Wellness which includes a worry journal section to get reoccurring thoughts out of sleepy heads and onto paper. Professional guidance from Dr. Breus himself can be found on a thumb drive so guests can immerse themselves in a wealth of Six Senses videos taking them on a journey toward quality sleep. Six Senses Zighy Bay will also help guests to take their new found sleep knowledge with them; before departure, guests will receive all the sleep tips and details on how to purchase any of the sleep accessories used during their stay.   Carefully tested by Six Senses experts, all guest bedrooms feature English handmade mattresses by Naturalmat which consist of 100 percent natural materials sourced from sustainable resources. Constructed using lambs’ wool that has been treated with essential oils, they are naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. The coir fibre used in the mattress comes from organically grown and processed coconuts from a fair-trade initiative farm, while the latex is from the world’s only certified organic rubber plantation. So, while retaining the necessary firmness, mattresses will contour beautifully around the body. Hanse organic pillows and duvets are set up for natural breathing and cooling zones and ensure the perfect temperature during sleep. In addition to being non-allergenic, organic and sustainable, the icing on the cake is the high quality organic cotton sheets, made by Beaumont & Brown, with towelling and bathrobes from Madison Collection.

Good sleep is known to improve memory, sharpen the mind, help in regulating body weight, reduce stress levels and helps focus. Once guests have experienced it, they’ll agree that quality sleep equals a better quality of life. With Sleep With Six Senses, every single detail is taken into consideration to ensure the quality night’s sleep is achieved; everything from room temperature, relaxation music, energy cleansing room, pillow firmness to sleep-boosting snacks are just some of the features offered to enhance the effects of the program. A guide with practical take-home methods will be provided to guests for creating an ideal body, mind and environment for sleep. In-house wellness practitioner and yoga teacher, Dr. Anil Singh is a certified naturopathic doctor. His ability as a naturopath helps him to understand healthy living, and concepts of yoga helps him to understand holistic and healthy lifestyle. For the past 17 years, Dr. Anil has worked in field of wellness at various levels and countries including East Africa, Thailand, Nepal and his native country, India.

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