The Middle East is home to some very impressive women; women who have fearlessly conquered tough obstacles to attain milestones and shown the world that nothing is impossible. Renowned for lending their sparkle and shine to women the world over, Swarovski pays homage to the fierce and fabulous women of the region and further strengthens its commitment to women empowerment through its bold new collection; the Swarovski Power Collection. As part of the Power Collection launch, a stirring video featuring notable female figures and influencers from the region has also been unveiled.

The Swarovski Power Collection of dazzling bracelets channels the stacked bracelet trend and positions itself as the must-have empowerment accessory for every modern woman’s wardrobe. Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin explains her inspiration for this exciting range, “Today, a piece of jewelry is not just a fashion accessory. It means so much more to women – it is an expression of identity, a confidence booster, and, I believe that confidence can be amplified by what you wear. Women are truly a force to be reckoned with, and the Swarovski Power Collection is a symbol of this. This new collection is one that truly transforms, and that’s brilliantly liberating.”



In a bid to celebrate the launch of the Swarovski Power Collection in the Middle East, a unique video has been announced featuring eight female influencers and public figures in their day-to-day milieu, doing their usual tasks while sporting the unparalleled sparkle of the Swarovski Power Collection. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, these women while going about their day, will be asked a variety of questions in a rapid-fire format by a celebrity host thus giving their fans and followers a glimpse into their lives. Each woman who is part of this campaign has been allocated a power shade from the Swarovski Power Collection and corresponding title that pertain to her personality.

The distinguished ladies chosen for this campaign are Emirati Figure Skater, Zahra Lari ‘The Ambitious,’ Mountaineer Fatima Deryan ‘The Achiever,’ International Beauty Brand Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Rhea Jacob ‘The Artist,’ Business Owner Kawthar Al Sulayem ‘The Visionary,’ Designer Dalia El Ali ‘The Dreamer,’ CEO Noor Al Tamimi ‘The Mentor,’ Jazz singer Layla Kardan ‘The Diva,’ and Saudi Designer Arwa Al Banawi ‘The Influential.’ Through this campaign, Swarovski intends on inspiring generations by being a brand that constantly supports the dreams of women everywhere and conveying to them that there is nothing stopping them from achieving their goals and that ‘Your Power is You.’

Since 1895, Swarovski has created well thought out collections that aren’t just fashionable but empowering too, and the Swarovski Power Collection is no exception. The precision-cut Swarovski crystals adorning each wrap bracelet catch the light as well as the imagination of the women who wear them, giving them the poise and power to reach for the stars.

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