The Bang Bang collection by Akillis breaks traditional jewellery codes. Its name alone sounds a note of conflict, irreverent and light-heartedly impudent.

 As a fresh new statement, this collection is emblematically distinguished by its insolence and is perfect for an audacious, unisex edgy style. It is free-spirited and rebellious, smashing through clichés with panache and humour, kicking against tradition and creating novelty this season with a new power bracelet model in titanium, set with black diamonds of over three carats. Much tougher than gold, titanium is a sharp and unrivalled choice for this kind of setting.

Aimed at a modern unisex style, the piece hits its target at lightning speed in a torrent of magnetic black. The blend of precious black materials, titanium, diamond and alligator skin, creates an aesthetic shock.

 The 9mm caliber bullets, so symbolic of the Bang Bang collection, are inserted like precious munitions, ready to unleash their charismatic power. This ultra-modern piece of jewellery, which is fashioned into cool biker leather and fitted at the wrist, laps up all the attention and electrifies style like a guitar riff. The classic black alligator skin has the suppleness of a second skin and is sumptuously wild. The delicate diamond relief shines like black lightning, echoed by the soft strong finesse of the leather.

This obscure object of desire is a weapon of seduction for a rebel soul. Always faithful to its exceptional craftsmanship, it can also be made of rare and exotic materials such as ostrich or lizard.

A tour de force that is guaranteed to seduce!


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