Introducing the world to the exceptional beauty of its handcrafted collections is Serapian’s goal, accomplished daily with passion.

A longstanding milieu of excellence, the Serapian Bespoke service has been the pulsating heart of the Maison since its founding in 1928. The Maison always offered to its customers a dreamy experience, and today is completely renewed under the expert eye of Giovanni Nodari Serapian. A third-generation member of the Serapian family, he helms the bespoke service, ready to comply with today’s most peculiar requests.

Surrounded by the refined embodiment of Milanese elegance, the “Bespoke Salotto” and the “Mosaico Craft Atelier” recently settled in Villa Mozart, a discreet Art Deco landmark site in the very heart of Milano, which is Serapian headquarter. In the “Bespoke Salotto”, a beautiful, luminous room filled with old-world charm, clients can choose from a range of over 500 different leathers and colours. Once the idea is finalized, the sketches are sent to the Mosaico Craft Atelier, where the artisans – specialized in the handmade Mosaico craft – bring each creation to life.

This process is an unrepeatable experience that can now travel the world, thanks to the Bespoke Trunk, entirely crafted in Italy, which replicates the mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colours made from 1.000 small leather tassels in the Bespoke Salotto. Which can follow Giovanni Nodari Serapian, as he greets customers wherever they want.

Serapian’s master artisans are always ready to challenge their crafting abilities with astounding demands, not only related to luggage and bags. When confronted with the request to create the interiors of a unique car from the past, they surpassed themselves.

The Lancia Dilambda Cabriolet Carlton BS was specially designed and produced in 1930 for the British Colonel Lieutenant Sir Bernard Montgomery Hall, a truly eccentric, who asked to personalize every single detail. Assumingly lost in 1949, it eventually reappeared thanks to the Italian collector Mr Filippo Sole who asked Serapian to renovate the interiors with the signature Mosaico craft. Two bags, a weekender and a folio, were also produced to match the car perfectly.

Such dazzling craftsmanship fully represents Serapian’s exciting new definition of bespoke, ready to expand beyond the accessories world.

The fabulous setting of Villa Mozart also serves as the backdrop for the latest rethinking of the house’s heritage and signature aesthetic, built on elegant shapes, precious materials and exclusive craft.

The Mini Secret makes its debut in the Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s collection, handmade from Mosaico craft, to be developed tone on tone and in contrasting colours, or enriched with precious Elaphe finishings. There is another newborn in the Secret family, a soft clutch to complete any look with sophisticated femininity.

The typical Mosaico black and white colour combination evolves into Chiaroscuro, another example of the unmatched expertise of Serapian’s artisans, for both Women and Men’s collections.

A light-hearted summer feeling comes from Canvas, for both collections. Serapian adds a touch of refinement to this material with leather finishings, giving a high-quality twist to a light-hearted mood.

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