In Unexpected Florence, the new series of videos directed by Italian film maker Marescotti Ruspoli and interpreted by Maria Vera Ratti, some of the most famous historical Salvatore Ferragamo models, presented in the Ferragamo’s Creations AW 2018 collection, are portrayed in six unusual locations. Hidden outside the typical tourist and media circuits, these six gems of history, art, and outstanding beauty are all intimate and characteristic places of Florence, the city that Salvatore Ferragamo fell in love with, and in which he founded his maison  in 1927.


Interpreted with sharp elegance and modern taste by Marescotti Ruspoli, the new union between wonderful, unexpected Florentine locations and iconic models from the Ferragamo’s Creations AW 18 collection brings to light the artistic, purely timeless character of both; united by a refined dialogue of shapes and colours, textures and atmospheres, as well as by the respective authors’ talent and passion for beauty. The six videos of the Unexpected Florence series, together with a range of selected images, are available on, on the brand’s social channels, and in the most important Salvatore Ferragamo flagship stores.


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