An invitation to celebrate yourself every day, for its launch, Valentino Beauty celebrates Roma, as it exists in the mind.

Two fragrances where reverence for the past meets an irreverent attitude for now.

Two fragrances for women and for men.

Two fragrances resolutely Born in Roma.

Born in Roma:

The new fragrances as an ode to self-celebration.

Where reverence and irreverence collide.

“Roma is all about an attitude towards life.”

Born in Roma, Donna

Born in a trio of Jasmine flowers selected among the best varieties in the world.

Blended with Vanilla Bourbon, one of perfumery’s most expensive ingredients. Into these rich layers of haute perfumery,

Amandine Marie and Honorine Blanc infuse the cool kick of Pink Pepper and a woody, animalistic overdose. In an irreverent twist.

Born in Roma, Uomo

Born in a blend Violet leaves absolute and smoked vetiver. Classic until the minerality infuses. The spice of ginger, the mineral salt, the radiance of a modern woody note.

These sophisticated and modern accords have been inspired by Roma itself:

the city where elegance has always intertwined with modernity, where classicism is magnified by edgy and vibrant life.

A delicate subtle and yet unforgettable chemistry that has now been captured in gorgeous bottles.

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