Vhernier presents its very sophisticated line of jewel handbags in Dubai. The very exclusive Vhernier bags, available in limited numbers, are made of the most beautiful exotic skins combined with precious rigid handles, shaped in the form of the Calla – Vhernier’s most emblematic jewellery piece.

 The bags come in many different designs, including purple crocodile with ebony handles; vibrant emerald green crocodile with kogolong handles; classic dune crocodile with ebony handles; brilliant black alligator with handles made in titanium illuminated by diamonds. All bags are completed with white or rose gold feet and hardware.

 The handles are removable and can be changed, so as to adapt the bag to the different occasion of the day and the outfit.

 Totally crafted in Italy by the most expert Master Craftsmen, the Vhernier bags with Calla handles are like any other Vhernier jewel: out of the ordinary and eternally current, and for this reason, always beyond fashions.

Vhernier bags with Calla handles are sold exclusively at The Dubai Mall at Vhernier’s Fashion Avenue boutique.


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