In 2019, the collection is inspired by the goddesses of Antiquity, their incredible elegance and powerful femininity. 

– Terracotta Thalia Island celebrates the muse of poetry. Inspired by universal powder No. 3, it is engraved with a gold-sprayed laurel crown. Under a golden veil, its heart hides a burning coral, perfect for bringing out a tan. Like a promise, its lid is embossed with the same precious motif.

– Terracotta Hestia Island pays homage to the goddess of the sacred fire. Inspired by universal powder No. 3, it displays a contrasting beam of vibrant pink blush. A delicate gold spray finish outlines a captivating design in several abstract motifs. Its hammered golden lid, like the region’s most beautiful jewels, reveals a turquoise dome in a nod to the beauty of the ocean.

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