One rule only:

Not wearing our confidential mattes? You’re not coming in.


There’s just one rule at the YSL Beauté Underground Rouge Club,

where couture meets subversive, and your lip colour is your password.

Whether it’s the cushion velvet inked in deep Bordeaux or smoldering leather fiered up in chili nude

your lips need to be dressed.



an ultra-pigmented liquid matte with a creamy soft feeling on the lips.

Embracing the trend for matte lips, but with none of the usual drying effects,

TATOUAGE COUTURE VELVET CREAM is velvety smooth and creamy textured,

enabling you to tattoo your lips with velvet colour.

Revel in high coverage combined with total comfort that’s soft on the lips, but never soft on conviction.

And now, for 2020, the first velvet matte stain combines color lasting technology with cushion comfort and a couture edge.


Luckily – YSL Beauté’s new collections have plenty to choose from.

Mattes that do more than just colour your lips.



Because at YSL Beauté… Mattes rule.


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